CYBERDIGMA | powering the mesh


meshing is our second nature


This is why we do what we do.:

Entrepreneurial value creation is moving away from the value chain toward value networks. These value networks offer an infrastructure: a stage on which people can self organize new value creation, using building blocks such as authentic value, relevance, collaboration, and innovation.

When those value networks cluster, this structure is called the Mesh. The interconnectivity of people in the Mesh enables opportunities for inspiring connections that lead to commercial possibilities and opportunities.


The Mesh is a rich ecosystem and a dynamic playing field for pioneering entrepreneurs.

Our mission:

The Cyberdigma hub discovers and explores opportunities within the Society30 Mesh, and translates these into online applications and tools.


Society 3.0: read more >>>


Our activities:

The Cyberdigma-hub connects:

• people to people

• people with relevant knowledge, services and products

• value networks and communities

• organizations and their own mesh

The consistency and relevance of these connections must be tangible and clear. That’s were we start.


For whom?

For innovative pioneers accepting the Mesh as a fruitful, sustainable, and valuable playing field for entrepreneurship.


alarmDo you want to connect with the Cyberdigma network and do you have innovative ideas? Do you need a sparring partner? Or, do you need help with prototyping? Contact us!


• The Serendipity Machine

An online dashboard to trace and provoke relevant meetings in the Society 3.0 Mesh. >>>


• Booking software (work spaces, meeting spaces and desk spaces)

Quick and easy online reservations of desk, office and meeting space, including a Serendipity Machine as an integrated part. >>>


• Event software

Organize, monitor and direct events and include a Serendipity machine as a second screen during the event. >>>


• S2M residents program

An innovative program to engage the S2M stakeholders, using gamification principles. >>>


This is how we operate:

We operate as an international networked organization according to our self-developed Plus 4 method.


Functional application of gamification principles.

The use of gamification increases the user engagement by enriching our software with elements that connect with emotions and personal growth.


Gamification: read more >>>

The Cyberdigma hub, itself is a network built around various production and development layers:

  • dedicated partners
  • value network partners
  • education partners
  • ad hoc partners




About us:

Cyberdigma is a global development hub working within the Society 3.0 context.

In addition to the Society 3.0 Foundation and International  Cyberdigma is part of CDEF Holding.

The abbreviation C.D.E.F. is Spanish for ‘Cada día es una fiesta’: everyday is a celebration! This credo requires an attitude to start everyday with a healthy dose of playful curiosity.

This in turn, gives our stakeholders and us the opportunity to do the things we enjoy doing. And working with pleasure means following your passion and creating space for innovation.

CDEF Holding bv is owned by Ronald van den Hoff and Marielle Sijgers.


CDEF: read more >>>

The Cyberdigma hub: meet the players! >>>




Collaboration in the Cyberdigma-hub

Value creation with Cyberdigma may be done:

- as a value network partner

- as an occasional partner

- as a co-entrepreneur

- as a co-creator

- as a supplier of addons, extensions, etc.


alarmDo you have inspiring ideas, which can be useful and enrich the Society30 Mesh? Send us a short and simple outline of your concept E-mail:

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